COVID-19 and The Importance of Vaccinations

March 6, 2021

Hello Community!

COVID-19 has impacted the health of Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) to a much greater degree than the rest of the population. As a result, there are specific initiatives underway at all levels of government to specifically engage BIPOC communities in their planned vaccination rollout.

Some BIPOC individuals are wary and/or suspicious of the governments’ plans. Some persons are also suspicious of the pharmaceutical companies vaccines, or the speed at which the medicines have been developed. Their suspicions and concerns may delay the rollout of medicines within BIPOC communities, with unfortunate results.

Leaders in the African/Caribbean/Black communities are doing their best to address our communities’ challenges and concerns. From holding public information sessions, to representing the communities’ concerns to health and government officials, community associations continue to advocate for the health and wellness of the BIPOC community.

On Sunday, March 7th, 2:30pm there will be a Panel on Vaccines and Immunization. This virtual event will allow attendees the opportunity to hear from experts about COVID-19: the illness, the vaccines that have been developed, and the organizations that been involved in the work. You must register to attend:

The CCAWR and other community associations will continue to communicate helpful information on vaccinations and the planned rollout in the coming months. Stay tuned!