Create the Future: Consider Running for Political Office

November 14, 2020

Hello Community,

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

The CCAWR’s Mission and Vision are, respectively:
To promote the social, cultural and economic interests of, and advocate for, the Caribbean community in the Region of Waterloo.
An empowered, collaborative Caribbean community that is fully engaged and equitably represented in the Region of Waterloo.

With these in mind, we welcome and encourage participation by the Caribbean community in our representative governments. As important contributors to the economic, cultural and social fabric of the Region, we wish to have our members represented in the decision-making groups that determine policies, programs and priorities.

We are not affiliated with any political party, nor do we endorse any political organization.

Representation for your community can happen at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, for example:

  • School Board Trustees ensure that the quality of education in Waterloo Region is maintained, and the educational goals and needs of all students are met.
  • City Councillors are responsible for representing their constituents when making decisions that affect local policies, programs and services while keeping the wellbeing and financial integrity of the city in mind.
  • Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) help to pass laws governing the province of Ontario.
  • Members of Parliament (MPs) help to pass laws that govern the country of Canada.

Consider running for one of these positions if you desire to have a say in how your communities are managed and governed.

Elections are currently scheduled for the end of 2022. Although that date may seem a long way off, keep in mind that other interested individuals and parties will begin their planning in January 2021, i.e. in less than 7 weeks.

A number of organizations have offered their services to help local individuals and groups decide on whether or not to run; also to provide training for persons and teams. A group of local Black, Caribbean and African leaders are currently collecting names and contact information for interested parties- both those interested in running and those willing to volunteer as part of a campaign team. Email if you wish to be added to the mailing list. They will connect you with Operation Black Vote Canada, So You Think You Can Run events and other organizations.

Also, MPP Laura Mae Lindo and other representatives of the NDP will be hosting an online session next Tuesday, November 17th, at 7:00 pm entitled Seat at the Table: Empowering Black Candidates in 2022. Email if you wish to register.

The most important attributes for any candidate are a good education, a willingness to serve their community and a strong campaign team. If you are interested in political office at any level, reach out and we will connect you to persons who can assist.

Lannois Carroll-Woolery, President

on behalf of the CCAWR Board

P.S. Congratulations to the 11 community members who have been elected to serve on the Region of Waterloo’s Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group! Check out the list to see some familiar names, and to meet some new allies.