Help to Create The Future: Paid and Volunteer Positions Available

October 2, 2020

Hello Community,

Decisions are being made daily, in places we have not traditionally had access to. Those decisions affect you, your family and your community. Your community needs representation- get involved!

Here are a few of the paid and volunteer opportunities, along with guidelines on how to apply:

RoW Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group:

  • Deadline: October 5, 2020
  • Link: Anti-Racism Initiative
  • Important info: Over the summer and the fall Regional Council solicited input from the community to inform recommendations for an Anti-Racism plan and Secretariat. They are recruiting for an Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group which will form recommendations.

RoW Citizen Appointments to Boards, Commissions, Advisory Committees and Special Purpose Bodies:

  • Deadline: October 9, 2020
  • Link: Public Notice- Citizen Appointments
  • Important info: These appointments give citizens of this Region, from a variety of backgrounds, an opportunity to volunteer and become actively engaged as a member of a Board, Commission, Advisory Committee or other Special Purpose Body

City of Kitchener Board and Committee Volunteers:

  • Deadline: September 27, 2020 (applications are still being accepted, but those received by Sep 27th are given priority)
  • Link: Citizen Committees and Boards
  • Important info: The City of Kitchener is looking for a diverse range of volunteers, particularly from those who are traditionally underrepresented, to help guide the city’s decision-making.

Hall of Fame in Waterloo Region:

  • Deadline: December 2020
  • Link: Waterloo Region Hall of Fame
  • Important info: The Hall of Fame is looking for persons from the community who are interested in the local history and wish to serve on the committee that selects those individuals who have participated in the development and enrichment of our community, including those who make things happen in their community but without fanfare or recognition

School Board Trustees: WRDSB and WCDSB:

  • Deadline: none as yet – we are collecting contact information from interested parties
  • Link: WRDSB Trustees, WCDSB Trustees
  • Important info: Elections for the WRDSB and WCDSB Trustees will be held in 2022. Campaigning starts next year. If you would like to serve in this capacity, to impact primary school and secondary school students, we’ll add your name to the mailing lists for upcoming webinars and panel discussions, to help you understand what’s involved.

In our message dated September 4th, we let you know about the steps the CCAWR is taking to address issues of equity and inclusion in “HELPING TO CREATE THE FUTURE, ONE DAY AT A TIME“. Since the KW Solidarity March on June 3rd, a number of associations, organizations and governments have reached out to us for input, for their plans to make a better future for all citizens and residents. We have also been invited to join various boards and committees and been asked to help spread the word about opportunities for all of us to contribute to the better future we deserve.

There are too many regional committees, boards, advisory bodies and secretariats for the 15 members of the CCAWR Board to serve on…

Get involved! It is hard to push for change from the outside.

If you would like to shape the future of our Region, reach out to us via email, phone (519.997.2780) or social media! We welcome feedback, creative ideas and expressions of support.

Lannois Carroll-Woolery, President